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Tennis Elbow

Medically referred to as Lateral Epicondylitis.

Tennis Elbow is a condition of the external tendon of the outer part of the elbow. Pain aminating from the bony prominence at the external part of the elbow. It is caused by repetitive strain to the tendon through over use. In time, small tears form near the attachment of the tendon to the bone and eventually, if the load is not taken off the elbow, larger tears form, and naturally inflammation follows. Initially Tennis Elbow causes mild pain to radiate down the forearm. At this early stage, massage to the muscle belly, just down from the elbow can avoid further damage.

If elbow load continues and particularly with lifting objects with an outstretched arm, tears will continue to form, inflammation develops and pain will sharpen. Inflammation is a natural response to injury, which releases a pain receptor to limit the individual from excessive use of the injured limb, while the body slowly heals the injury. Foolishly the use of strong anti inflammatory drugs will mask the pain. Using the elbow may feel OK for a while. Once the anti inflammatory treatment wears off, most individuals find that the problem only worsened in the long term.

With Tui Na and Acupuncture treatment the damaged tendon can be rehabilitated back to good health. Elbow use must be limited during the treatment process. Good clinical results are seen in most presenting cases. Chinese Medicine can speed up the healing process reduce chronic inflammation and significantly reduce Pain.

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