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Soft Tissue Injuries

Refers to muscles, tendons and connective tissue.

Muscles receive an abundance supply of blood, and therefor, nutrients and oxygen. It also means that drainage of waste products can leave muscle tissue more readily. Tendons are a much denser type of tissue and receive less blood supply then muscles do. Connective tissues is a fine thin film-like tissue that envelopes single muscle fibres (muscle cells) enabling them to glide across adjacent muscle fibres. Connective tissue of a denser type encloses bundles of muscle fibres together within a muscle belly. The separate contraction of fibres within a bundle of fibres is made possible because of connective tissue, which allows for finer motor movement and greater motor control.

When muscle fibres damage, they scar. Dense tissue forms in its place, reducing local blood supply. Tendons are more prone to tearing as they are denser in nature and have lower blood supply then muscles do. When injury occurs, all the three types of soft tissue inflame. Inflammation is a natural healing process that promote tissue healing through increased local blood supply and lymphatic drainage. Inflammation releases pain receptors that limit movement by creating pain. Movement is naturally discouraged by the body through the creation of pain, and ensure a quicker resolution to injury. In serious conditions however, inflammation becomes chronic and takes a long time to resolve by itself.

Chinese remedial massage, Acupuncture and herbal medicine is able to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and also helps to restore managed tissue. In more serious conditions it may be advised to get an Ultrasound or MRI to closely monitor the Injury.

The body's natural landscape is revealed through a detailed diagnostic process.

A Chinese Medical diagnosis can only be realised through a deep understanding of this unique and varied landscape.

Symptoms can only be treated effectively when addressing the underlined cause.

With consideration to environmental and internal conditions.

The physical and emotional, the subtle and the clear. The individual is always treated as a whole.

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